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Next photobook on my list and ready to be revealed and commented and admired on!!! Here we go:

Note: This photobook is now one of the Yagu-books that's been teased about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN2EZjRKoYI

First of all, we have the cover and the undercover!

I love the little bubble that says YAGUCHI, it's so.... her!! From these covers you can instantly see what you will get: lot's of brilliant colors, red and blue and a blond head and loooot's of happy and pretty faces!!

These are photos that were one of the first ones I ever saw of her and I remember thinking how someone could be that cute! There's just something to a blond Yaguchi, isn't there? ;)

Here we have a little colorful doll called Yaguchi. Wouldn't you just want to cuddle her when you go to sleep and in the daytime put her on your bed next to your other most valuable dolls? :D

Moving on and we have some lucious red with a hint of sexyness and from no other than the goddess Yaguchi! I'm not so sure about the lei though? :D

A school girl Yaguchi and the always playful Yaguchi. She looks like Gogo from KillBill, no? I love the blue photo spread, it's so fresh and so Yaguchi!

More sexyness this way comes! Also, I've been thinking I should nickname this photobook as POUT-O-BOOK because there surely is a lot of pouting in this book! Which is not a bad thing no.

These two openings must be my favourites. Just look at them! Wouldn't you want to be playing around with her in the first one? And LOOK-AT-THAT-POUT in the second one! If nothing makes you smile, this does for sure!!!

The bedroom scene is somewhat cute. Look, she made a bow out of herself! :D And again, there's a pout too. Pout-o-book has to have pouts!

Look at those faces, like there's a story behind: "Get me out mister!" "Hey I'm really stuck!" "Well... I kinda like playing with these" "...Although I just got bored..." Queen of many faces!

Oh how I'd love to make a huuuuuge poster with frames with the first opening! Imagine how great it'd look. The second picture, I'm sure you're all familiar with it, it's a pretty "used" one!

A funny face, a pout and a shout! There's some defining words for Yaguchi! This painting scene is one of my favourites too, it's like: hey this is my character!

yaguchi LOVE mari

Minimoni Milk Pyon Gifs!

Does Mari like milk? What do you think?

She takes it in to her hand...

She smells it..... "Hidoi!"

But she's brave and she drinks it.... "Pyon!"

Made some Mari sigs

Here's some Mari signatures for forum use I've made recently. Now I'm using the Sexy Beam one, in which the heart is also in the original picture!

The last one has a bit of humor in it. You could make tons of sigs like that out of Mari pictures, she has a huge facial expression warehouse!

Some additions to my collection

Hello! Project Sports Festival 2002 MARIPPE T shirt
Fanclub Special CD (Marine Sports & Message)
Mari Key Chain

MARI AUTOGRAPH (And Inaba Atsuko :) )


Yaguchi Mari SOLO SONGS

Here's a list of songs that has only Yaguchi's vocals or duo vocals. I intend to upload at least some of the songs and on request I can send you a particular song you might be missing.

Note, that these songs that I list, are songs that I know, but that there aren't anymore solo songs added to these that I don't know!



Furusato (Morning Musume, Yaguchi Version)
Furusato (Hello! Pro Hour Version)
Nantetatte Shachou Reijou (Morning Musume: Morning Town Musical)
Furarechatta...Watashi (Morning Musume: Morning Town Musical) recommended
Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru (Tanpopo, Yaguchi Version)
Sentimental Minamimuki (Tanpopo album song)
Tanpopo (Mari Solo, first time alone on stage)
A Memory of Summer '98 (Hello! Pro Hour) recommended
Chuuou Freeway (Folk Songs 4)
Hitoribocchi no Heya (Folk Songs 4)
Marine Sports (Fanclub CD)


Valentine Kiss
Ram no Love Song
Natsu no Ojousan
Mugon Iroppoi recommended
Koibito ga Santa Claus
Kimi wo Wasurenai
Kaze no Tani no Naushika recommended
Jenny wa Gokigen Naname
Hitori ja nai no
Himitsu no Akko-chan
Hi Nageshi no Hana recommended
Gerende ga Tokeru Hodo Koi Shitai
Aoi Usagi
Fuyu ga Kuru Mae ni
Aitai recommended


Kingyo Hanabi (Kemeko no Heya, Mari mic rec, not a very good quality)
Curry Song (Yaguchi Hitori) recommended
Seishun Boku (Yaguchi Mari Hexagon Single) Not gonna upload, order it from cdjapan! recommended


Message from Mari (Fan Club CD) Yaguchi Mari
(Morning Musume: Luxury Moment in Bali, comments on her photos)


Then I have also songs that are a duo or she has backing vocalists.


(With Yoshizawa Hitomi)
Young Man! YMCA (With Yasuda Kei)
Genki wo Dashite (With Yasuda Kei) recommended
Itsuka no Merry Christmas (With Konno Asami)
Nioku Yonsenman no Hitomi (With Country Musume)
Koi no Dial 6700 (With Country Musume)
Furare Kibun de Rock'n'Roll (With Atsuko Inaba)
Saraba Siberia Tetsudou (With Akira Inaba)
Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai (With Akira Inaba)
Canada Kara no Tegami (With Takao Horiuchi)


Summer Night Town (Mari & Kei Version)
Do it! Now (Mari & Ayaka Version)
AS FOR ONE DAY (Mari & Country Musume Version)


Usotsuki Anta (Concert) recommended
Koi wo Shichaimashita (Kemeko no Heya)
Sexy Boy - Soyokaze ni Yorisotte- (Kemeko no Heya)
Kimi no Todoke (Yaguchi & Yasuda made this song for their Dinner Show)
22sai no Wakare (Folk Songs 4)


(The Douyou Pops 4 Aki No Uta-shuu, with Ishii Rika)

I also have some recorded radio shows, her 24th birthday show with lot's of her solos, and some concert recordings. I didn't add them here, because I have just a small fraction of these "unofficial" recordings.

Love! Hello Photobook Exposed

I want to showcase all three Yaguchi photobooks, so here's the first one, the most gossiped one, I welcome you Love! Hello!

These pics are all from my own copy of the book. Here's the cover with the cover and then the rarely seen, without the cover:

I think it's really interesting that they put the crotch area of Yaguchi to be the cover... :D . And then they realized what they did, drooling over her in the edit room and decided to put another cover with more decent pic. But gorgeus still!!

Anyways, here's how the story continues. First up in the book we have the best photos in the bunch, these were also featured in Utaban jokes if I remember right. Here's an example of the divine beauty:


There are a few of these, until we come to the playful Yaguchi:

I love the fact that these playfyl pics are here and there, sreaded between the lucious sexy pics, these pics are the core of Yaguchi, the Yaguchi I know and love and honour. She's 26 right now, but her heart has always stayed the same, herself.

 This pout is the pout I love on her, it's just plain cute! She's the master of being cute and sexy at the same time, haha.

Then we come to my favourite pic of the bunch, this one is absolutely faboulous, the shirt which I'd love to own of course, her back slightly tanned, her straight her and the background colors; it all matches up to an awesome picture!! :

Continuing on, we have once again some pics featured on Utaban. "She really pushed "them" together, you know" =D

The next one is confusing. What comes to mind is classy and sensual, on the other hand a model straight from H & M catalogue and then also maybe yodling girl from the Alpes? Either way, she looks eternally eatable! 

Then coming up, one of the mystifying pictures. I love this one, it's kinda sad but hopefull at the same time, Yaguchi looking so innocent in white and do I see a small pout too?? Like a lost child waiting for mommy to come home :)))

One thing I love about this photoalbum is, that it's so random. The first pic under is a spread of two pictures completely from different categories, one being a happy sprint-in-the-street-while-looking-like-the-child-withouth-a-mommy and the other one being a sexy divine being with watery lips =D. And all on one opening!

The second one is again one of the Utaban featured, this was the part where Takaaki-san once again reminded Yaguchi how her photobook looked like, when Nagai-san asked: "...Soooo how did the Yaguchi photobook look like again?" in the middle of a conversation x)

This next one is simply captivating, simply beautiful. There are a few of these, the street and her. Really nice ones:

Almost at the end, there are couple of photos where she has this next style, which I think she looks really good in. I don't know about the poses tho... There are some black and white ones of these too.

The second last in my spread, the picture I'm intrigued. This photosession was seen last in her DVD. She colored her hair blackish brown for this shoot, only to have just one small photo in the whole book. For why?

And at the end closing in on a spread of Yaguchi playing in the water in orange bikini and finally calming down:


This was my comments on the book, not all pics were included, just the ones I felt like commenting on. There are some 80-90 photos in this book, so worth of purchasing, so make your order today!!!

My Collection of Yaguchi Goods

First of all, I see this site is something I do out of fandom love for Yaguci and out of inspiration, not out of compulsion or part of every day basis.

That being said, I'd like to introduce my Yaguchi collection to you!

Also, if you see anything of interest, I'm open to any trading suggestions!


First pic shows almost everything I have ONLY Yaguchi.
The second one has all photo stuff plus the Love Hello DVD,
  • Two full albums of official photos,
  • One L-sized photo,
  • Photocards, P
  • Pinbadge,
  • Stickers and some other photos.
  • The blue box is a Mari Yaguchi 21st Memorial Birthday box which includes cards, stickers, the badge and a towel.

Then there are the bigger pictures (pic 3) including:
  • 3 wallpapers (plus one which is not in this pic since it's on the wall),
  • Two DVD's the other one being Uta Doki! 10 which has a lot of Yaguchi parts and an interview,
  • Seishun Boku single,
  • One official wall paper with cover,
  • Two of my newest and cherished official small photos,
  • And the big wall cloth which is drawn by Yaguchi and it says: Natsu toieba, Matsuri (speaking of summer, festival) and her signature
Then there are the three photobooks and the towel from the birthday set:

Putting it this way, it looks like all too few :( . BUT: If you have ANY tradeable Yaguchi stuff, I'm more than happy to know ;) . I also have a lot of Hello! Project stuff, so ask for anything.

Yaguchi in Kimonos

Collection of Yaguchi in KIMONOS! Guess what's her favourite color? ;)




...And a KUNGFU Mari!! :D

If you have any Mari in kimono pics that aren't here, please send them  in!

Update: nono:)bbz sent 2 pics, thank you!! :)

Musume Beams!

I wanted to collect all the SEXY BEAMS Yaguchi collected recently so you can compare! Who does the best? Whose the most original?

And then... Miss Originality Herself:


 Yes I think Yaguchi gots it the best!